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About Us


KeAloha Volleyball has quickly become one of the premier boys and girls youth volleyball clubs in Northwest Indiana, offering both indoor teams and beach volleyball training.  We offer boys & girls youth travel teams ranging from U12 to U18, competing in tournaments in the Chicagoland area, Indianapolis, and the rest of the country.  KeAloha's coaching staff is among the best out there, with all coaches being current or former collegiate volleyball players.
kealoha volleyball club team
kealoha volleyball club team

Play For What You Love


"KeAloha" translates to "the love" in native Hawaiian. Our club is built from our love of volleyball and competition, but that's not all we love. To do our part in fighting for a better planet, all of our apparel is 100% eco-friendly.  Sourced from  KeAloha Threads, the apparel is made from recycled plastic bottles and they donate 10% of their revenue to various ocean conservation organizations.